Sun(ny) Days

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So today was by far the nicest day of 2017! It was 70 degrees here in NJ, and for all Catholics, Palm Sunday.  My family goes to church every Sunday, so on religious holidays it is even more important to be there. My mom also makes the most amazing Italian meals, so its definitely a food coma kind of night right now. Family traditions are my favorite.

Since it has been SO cold out, I have not been able to wear all the cute spring attired I’ve bought, my wardrobe has consisted of sweaters, leggings, and a lot of layers. Seriously I feel like the last three weeks here has been rain, wind, and freezing cold. It has not felt like spring at all, so mother nature balanced out and gave us semi- summer weather today and supposedly it is supposed to be just as nice this upcoming week. I CANNOT WAIT.



Today I chose to go with a suede dress, and my FAVORITE WEDGES EVER! These wedges are CRAZY popular right now! I want my next pair to be the light pink Chloe ones. For now, these amazing dupes are Steve Madden JAYLEN Wedge! The Chloe wedges run a little over $600, so for people who do not want to invest that in a wedge or may not have that money right now- These Steve Madden wedges are (pretty close to) identical, and under $100! I got mine for 25% OFF, if you go now they are still on sale for under $60! YES UNDER $60! Another great dupe is the Marc Fisher ‘Adalyn’ Espadrille Wedge. These wedges are by far the most comfortable ones I have and I will most likely be wearing them everyday of summer 😉 They match everything and are just so so cute, soft, and overall just extremely worth it in every color!


This dress is from BooHoo (similar)! One of the best sites ever, they are currently having a 20% OFF of EVERYTHING Sale! I got this dress after I saw how cute Kylie Jenner looked in hers (except she prob did not get it from boohoo) I bought this soo long ago and wanted to style it with over the knee boots but I bought too many things in between, that I actually forgot about this adorable get up! Since today was a holiday, awesome weather, and matched my perfect wedges I decided to go for it and have my suede cutie dress make its debut! It is so comfortable, normally after events I cannot wait to get into sweats or pajamas and just lay down- Its now 9:30pm and I am still wearing it- I feel like I am wearing a nightgown to be honest lol

Go get shopping ladies!!



Metallic Madness




This get up!? RIGHT!

So I am obsessed with anything METALLIC. I feel like it is a perfect jump into SPRING, and it brings me back to the 90’s and I seriously wish I could live in that time period forever. I am currently looking for metallic mules, and honestly I am finding pretty cute ones (I’ll totally show you guys when I find the perfect pair) but this skirt is seriously the most comfortable, soft, and overall perfect skirt I have ever owned. It is from one of my faves, Toyshop (they have white and numerous other colors) and it was 15% off! (they are having an even bigger sale now!) I totally recommend everyone to get one before it sells out.

I had a family event at a winery (my favs) in Lake Mohegan, NY and I wanted to wear something comfortable yet fashionable and respectful in front of the fam (duh).

I chose to go with these light pink heeled flats from Forever 21 (<– direct link) I also bought them in blue, they’re a great mix to wear with skirts and dresses, or jeans and sweats, most importanly THEY ARE ONLY $25! Lastly, this shirt definitely helped my outfit look more fashionable as well! The turtleneck and bell sleeves are such a fun combination (kinda hard to eat with those sleeves though, but it is do-able) This shirt is from Make Me Chic. The rose gold color in this skirt just really brings out such a vibrant energy! It makes me think of spring and happiness and I absolutely love it. It is cute and comfortable like I said, but honestly the material is just so unreal- it is so perfect and you guys will definitely be seeing much more of it!

Think about how many things this skirt can be worn for, a night out, lunch, work (with tights maybe) the list goes on!

(Adorable lightweight puff ball earrings are from Bauble Bar!)


Thank You with a Throwback

Hi lovies! First off I did my first GIVEAWAY yesterday, (if you didn’t enter, go to my recent Instagram post and enter now!) all of you were so so amazing and supportive! I have never done a giveaway before and I was actually really nervous but I am SO thankful to everyone who participated, & for all my new followers! Thank you also to all the companies who are taking a chance on a new blogger and collaborating with me and believing in ME!

I started this 3 weeks ago and I am OVER 2k, so thank you, not for the number of people but for the quality of all of you who are interested in what I have to say and continuously make that known with your comments or viewing my blog, and simply inspiring me each and everyday to be better! I never would of thought anyone would be interested, but it makes me the happiest person in the world to know that you are!

I just wanted to dedicate this post to saying THANK YOU! I cannot wait to continue to learn, and better myself at this dream hobby of mine. I will continue to get better, give more and more content, and make my blog/social media more interesting based on what you guys want to see; with that being said PLEASE comment below anything you would like me to do more of or would like to see. I would love to know and have you guys more involved.. again THANK YOU LOVIES!

In honor of my thanks, here is a of throwback photo of me (in the pink bow) and one of my sisters. Thanks mama for dressing me so stylish, that’s why I am obsessed with fashion and shopping. Duh, THANK YOU ALL!

PS- ( I look like a brat here, but I swear I was not!)






Ring my Bell



So one of my very first shoots, done by my amazing friend Val (@glamourbyvalerie) was this one with these amazing bell sleeves, with a little bit of ruffle to them too. This week I really have been dedicated post to individual items, but this shirt (and the faux fur jacket) really have gotten a lot of questions, so I am giving what wants to be heard as well as trying to still find my place in this big industry. I promised myself to continue to love what I do, dress up, shop and talk about it- so I guess at this moment that’s my ‘Niche’ until I find my main focus just fashion in general  and talking about it makes me happy, so that’s what I will do!

This shirt is actually from ANNIE SEZ! I know right, to be honest I did not even know they still had those around in NJ, but leave it up to my mom to find it, and make me love it. We went in a couple of weekends ago and they have really stepped up their game. Which is good and bad->  I feel like it used to be OK quality with lower end prices which were always great, but now since their quality has become better…their prices have also increased! Good thing still: they have AWESOME sales. When I bought this they were having a buy one get one 50% OFF SALE. I do not think their is any sale that makes me happier than that- well actually get one FREE makes me happier, BUT I saw that and was like what how why when.. I’m there!!

I got this top for $54 (still a little pricy but so worth it) and a pair of Jessica Simpson jeans that came to $19! (Jeans are not pictured here)

My jeans in this shoot are actually from PACSUN (90% of my jeans are from PacSun, they are my FAVORITE) who WAS indeed having a buy one get one FREE sale, so clearly I went crazy at PacSun (this sale was at their outlets in Jackson)

My heels are from Fashion Nova and were also featured on my top 3 heels page! They are so crazy comfy, and they’re velvet- so that explains itself!


I am trying to keep you guys busy on my page with lots of post so I hope you are enjoying it and I have SO much more to advance in and update/give an upgrade to but as long as I am giving you something you love, then I am already succeeding and what I love!

Thank you for reading and shop my whole outfit in the links above!

PS- this is really me during shoots 😉







This Jacket gives me Life..

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So recently I posted to Instagram this amazingly awesome faux fur jacket, that I received so many questions on. I figured it would be fair to everyone asking to dedicate a blog post to it! This jacket seriously gives me life, I am absolutely loving it for so many reasons but mainly because all the different colored patches of faux fur makes it so easy to really wear with anything.

What is more essential than an oversized fancy yet casual coat? I have a BUNCH of faux fur jackets that I am mildly obsessed with, but I started looking for a long multi colored one when I saw the awesome blogger, Something Navy, wearing that amazing cropped faux fur coat by Nicholas the Label. Yes hers was cropped but since I already had a few similar to that, I figured I should go for one of a little different style..longer. I love the huge & baggy look, I feel like it is always way more comfortable and that is probably why I also love shopping in the mens section (but thats a different subject lol )

I am not sure if a lot of people do this or if it would be helpful to you but I suggest you try it if you haven’t already… Whenever I am looking for something so broad and I am not sure where to start, I just type it in on google and click on shopping. They obviously give you so many options from prices high to low and numerous varieties.

MY jacket that I had so many thoughtful comments and questions about, is actually from EBAY.. how crazy, and this was actually the first time I have ever purchased something from there before! The coat was $57.85 and the shipping was so so quick (little pricy for shipping though-$14), which was shocking to me- it estimated about a month but I loved the jacket so much I was completely ok with that. It came in about a WEEK! So quick and in perfect timing for the storm, while trying to look cute at the same time, haha. The coat I received looked exactly like the picture, and the quality is awesome! I suggest it to everyone!

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Here is the link to my EXACT coat! Get shopping & enjoy love bugs!





Puffy Sleeves & Patches

I have always loved the 80s-90s themed style so to see it coming back in such big stores, such as H&M makes my fashion heart so so happy. Patches are seriously making a huge come back, they are in majority of stores- whether its individual patches for yourself to iron or stick on, or skirts, camo or denim jackets that come with patches (which I have about 5 of- Comment below if you want me to blog those), they are just everywhere! I just  think they bring so much more to a plain jacket or plain skirt. You are not going to believe this..I definitely did not until I was actually rung up but.. THIS SKIRT WAS $7!! YES SEVEN DOLLARS from H&M and I am obsessed with it!

Denim skirts can go with anything, flats, loafers, heels, sneakers, boots- in this outfit I chose to wear it with these adorable beige flats from Zara. They are extremely cute and can go with so much!


This shirt I am wearing is from this AMAZING website, Make Me Chic. I am an avid online shopper so I came across this site as I was on Facebook, I must of ordered over a dozen items from there because they are so cheap, comfortable, and great quality! The Puffy sleeves & Bell sleeves are my go to’s. I could wear this with plain jeans if I wanted to and it would still look awesome because of the puffy shoulders.

My mom has so many articles of clothing like this and ever since I was little dressing up in them is one of my favorite things to do. Taking her clothing and making it relevant now is literally what VINTAGE is! So prepare for a post on all my Mama’s clothing coming soon! (but this patched skirt made me feel like that was exactly what I was doing)  🙂

Top 3 Heels for less than $50


What can I say to you, where do I even start… I love you for so many reasons, mainly because you make a petite girl like me feel oh so tall, sexier, and just more confident!

Being how much I love them, I decided to dedicate my first post to my TOP 3 heels, that are not only cute but also comfortable for a night out of a dancing, dinner, or just errands (I am serious- they are that comfortable)

From sexy perspex to the classic black pump. Below are 3 of my favs for less than $50/each.

Make sure to shop the links, and get my Go-to heels!

Perspex heels- These heels  from Public Desire, can be worn anywhere with anything, because they are CLEAR. They also seem so futuristic to me so I absolutely love anything perspex


These black heels are from Fashion Nova and that site is dangerous, they have the cutest items for the cheapest price, but the best quality- Any shopping fashionistas dream! These babies are also VELVET


Lastly the classic Black heel- These heels from Call It Spring, are good for an interview, to a night out, dressing up denim jeans and really just about everything!



This is just a brief post of my favorite heels, lots more detail and fashion to come, I hope you enjoy my first draft!



10 Random Fun Facts about ME

So I feel like a way to break the ice (like they used to do in middle school) would be to say a few fun facts about yourself to make people feel like they have a better understanding of who you are. With that being said, here are 10 icebreakers/Fun facts/ whatever you would like to call them about me!

1- I was born (and work) in NY and raised (and currently live) in NJ
2- I was a cheerleader at PSU
3- I am the oldest of 3 girls
4- I lived in the midwest, Oklahoma, for 2 years (it was 2 of the best years of my life)
5- I love to travel- If I am not booking something (even if it’s to another city), I get anxiety
6- I am OBSESSED with Disney World..beyond obsessed. (I want to be a Disney Princess)
7- I was a dancer from 3 years old to 22
8- I have wanted to start this blog for YEARS, but was SO nervous/afraid I was not good enough.. (ps- I AM! WE ALL ARE!)
9- I am highly allergic to peanuts
10- My shopping addiction pushed me to start this blog (It is a serious issue)