BIG News for me this year- not sure how I feel about it —> My 2018 goals…& personal hurdles

Hi guys,

So its been a while since I blogged and I just feel like real life and my full time job got in the way so I apologize!
But I am here and I am here to talk about 2017 and my goals for 2018 which I hope to follow because honestly the year just started and I have not felt too positive or motivated which I need to change asap. Have to be honest here..not everything is rainbows and positive..all the time.
2017 was an awesome year! My family got good news about some personal things, Vin and I got a temporary apt in NY, (which we have to move again in May- but I am excited for that) I celebrated a year anniversary at my first NYC (real) job, we went on a family vacation which we haven’t done in a few years, my cousin got married!, I attended NYFW, worked with some of the most amazing and my favorite brands (is this real life?), and I got over 15,000 new friends by starting my blog last April-ish!
It was an awesome year but of course there were some lows that God and family has always helped through.
I started this new year with writing out a list of my goals, which I always like to do but I honestly feel really sad- I feel like my blog should be SO much further, I feel like personal relationships should be further, and I just feel like I am slightly behind- but I know I am not. I am on the perfect timing with the path God has put me on and sometimes I need to sit back and realize that. Prayer always gets me through but sometimes life gets overwhelming you know? Do you guys have any anxiety, calming remedies?
I also havent been to the gym since Christmas and some people may say “Oh shut up I haven’t gone in years” but when you go often and then stop due to just spending time with family, holidays, and eating too much I truly think it effects not only my body, but it affects me- my energy, my health, my happiness and just overall positive vibe- so I think once I get back on that then maybe and hopefully I will feel better about this year.
I guess everyone is their own worst critic and I am definitely mine, I know I am super blessed with my amazing family, my home, my HEALTH, my friends and my support system, my job, my boyfriend, I just am feeling sad because BIG NEWS: I am going to be 30 this year. yupp I know first few blogger friends I told legit did not believe me at all because I look 22 lol not sure why. But yeah I feel like work wise I want to accomplish more, I want to buy a home (but after I get married) and I know a lot of people get married and have kids later in life and focus on work, homes, travel, and just a healthy life and happiness- which is what my blog brings me and what I have been focusing on. I know that I have been busy trying to be successful, travel, go out and just enjoy life before I am ready for children (I am still a kid) or marriage but I guess society makes you think like am I behind? or am I wrong or selfish for still focusing on me and just enjoying it? Vin and I have been together almost 8 years and we now live in NY and both know what we want and that it will happen but we are just letting things happen when they do, and when I realized I am going to be 30- I feel like I got legit punched in the stomach and that feeling has not gone all- MY life goals have always been to be a mom and be married and just be with my family, my future family, and just live and love a healthy life and I do know my 30s will bring that all to me. I just am basically word vomit and venting to you guys- without really thinking about what I am saying, but Oh well- it is me being real. I just dont know, but I hope this year brings me all the happiness and positivity and makes all my dreams come true, and ALL of our dreams come true!! I guess if it started off good which it has, but then you get in a rut, itll pick back up and continue off/end good- I HOPE SO! for us all! I know my timeline is the right one and God’s path is my blessing- Whats that quote while your busy making plans, God is laughing or life happens when youre busy making plans. I dont know but I think I am taking this age WAY harder than most people will and I am sure as soon as it passes I will be like oh I am fine and feel a sense of relief that it isnt bad and 30s are the new 20s..right?
Ugh I did not even make plans for it because I dont know how I feel, one second I am ok and the next I am literally crying at work- woman hormones, what can I tell ya. I KNOW that it will be the best years of my life and when I think back on my 20s I realize how much I have done, changed, grown, adventured, and just overall accomplished and I am ready for all of the growth my 30s will be but like I said I think THINKING about it is just a hard hill to is also not for another month so I should calm down- any thoughts on what to do to relax for it, should I work or should I honestly take a personal day because clearly I cannot deal with it and go to the spa LOL??
WELL I just got super real so on that note I am going to leave you guys with my goals (so far) for this year:
1- Bring more kindness and positivity day in and day out
2- Move into our Apartment
3- Focus on what my followers would like to see more of in 2018
4- Start a Youtube channel
5- Attend NYFW again
6- Focus on growing personal relationships as well
7- Venture out more to new places and try new things now that we live in NY
8- Travel
9- Deal with anxiety, become more calm and relaxed
10- Set more goals each day
There are some more I am going to add on later! Left my journal at my apt!
TELL ME YOURS!! Love you all!!
Here are some pics from NYE Too! New year lets go!!

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