Metallic Madness




This get up!? RIGHT!

So I am obsessed with anything METALLIC. I feel like it is a perfect jump into SPRING, and it brings me back to the 90’s and I seriously wish I could live in that time period forever. I am currently looking for metallic mules, and honestly I am finding pretty cute ones (I’ll totally show you guys when I find the perfect pair) but this skirt is seriously the most comfortable, soft, and overall perfect skirt I have ever owned. It is from one of my faves, Toyshop (they have white and numerous other colors) and it was 15% off! (they are having an even bigger sale now!) I totally recommend everyone to get one before it sells out.

I had a family event at a winery (my favs) in Lake Mohegan, NY and I wanted to wear something comfortable yet fashionable and respectful in front of the fam (duh).

I chose to go with these light pink heeled flats from Forever 21 (<– direct link) I also bought them in blue, they’re a great mix to wear with skirts and dresses, or jeans and sweats, most importanly THEY ARE ONLY $25! Lastly, this shirt definitely helped my outfit look more fashionable as well! The turtleneck and bell sleeves are such a fun combination (kinda hard to eat with those sleeves though, but it is do-able) This shirt is from Make Me Chic. The rose gold color in this skirt just really brings out such a vibrant energy! It makes me think of spring and happiness and I absolutely love it. It is cute and comfortable like I said, but honestly the material is just so unreal- it is so perfect and you guys will definitely be seeing much more of it!

Think about how many things this skirt can be worn for, a night out, lunch, work (with tights maybe) the list goes on!

(Adorable lightweight puff ball earrings are from Bauble Bar!)


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