Ring my Bell



So one of my very first shoots, done by my amazing friend Val (@glamourbyvalerie) was this one with these amazing bell sleeves, with a little bit of ruffle to them too. This week I really have been dedicated post to individual items, but this shirt (and the faux fur jacket) really have gotten a lot of questions, so I am giving what wants to be heard as well as trying to still find my place in this big industry. I promised myself to continue to love what I do, dress up, shop and talk about it- so I guess at this moment that’s my ‘Niche’ until I find my main focus just fashion in general  and talking about it makes me happy, so that’s what I will do!

This shirt is actually from ANNIE SEZ! I know right, to be honest I did not even know they still had those around in NJ, but leave it up to my mom to find it, and make me love it. We went in a couple of weekends ago and they have really stepped up their game. Which is good and bad->  I feel like it used to be OK quality with lower end prices which were always great, but now since their quality has become better…their prices have also increased! Good thing still: they have AWESOME sales. When I bought this they were having a buy one get one 50% OFF SALE. I do not think their is any sale that makes me happier than that- well actually get one FREE makes me happier, BUT I saw that and was like what how why when.. I’m there!!

I got this top for $54 (still a little pricy but so worth it) and a pair of Jessica Simpson jeans that came to $19! (Jeans are not pictured here)

My jeans in this shoot are actually from PACSUN (90% of my jeans are from PacSun, they are my FAVORITE) who WAS indeed having a buy one get one FREE sale, so clearly I went crazy at PacSun (this sale was at their outlets in Jackson)

My heels are from Fashion Nova and were also featured on my top 3 heels page! They are so crazy comfy, and they’re velvet- so that explains itself!


I am trying to keep you guys busy on my page with lots of post so I hope you are enjoying it and I have SO much more to advance in and update/give an upgrade to but as long as I am giving you something you love, then I am already succeeding and what I love!

Thank you for reading and shop my whole outfit in the links above!

PS- this is really me during shoots 😉







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