10 Random Fun Facts about ME

So I feel like a way to break the ice (like they used to do in middle school) would be to say a few fun facts about yourself to make people feel like they have a better understanding of who you are. With that being said, here are 10 icebreakers/Fun facts/ whatever you would like to call them about me!

1- I was born (and work) in NY and raised (and currently live) in NJ
2- I was a cheerleader at PSU
3- I am the oldest of 3 girls
4- I lived in the midwest, Oklahoma, for 2 years (it was 2 of the best years of my life)
5- I love to travel- If I am not booking something (even if itโ€™s to another city), I get anxiety
6- I am OBSESSED with Disney World..beyond obsessed. (I want to be a Disney Princess)
7- I was a dancer from 3 years old to 22
8- I have wanted to start this blog for YEARS, but was SO nervous/afraid I was not good enough.. (ps- I AM! WE ALL ARE!)
9- I am highly allergic to peanuts
10- My shopping addiction pushed me to start this blog (It is a serious issue)

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